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Somewhere in the Alpha Crucis sector, the fate of the Solomani is being decided…

“If humankind is to falter, then let us have our last stand at Orion’s Rest. For it is here that our vision has become clear. Where we can no longer deny that the Solomani face the end. It is here we make the decision to revise our destiny, no matter the cost. Our future may have been scribed for us, but as paper is stained by ink, it is also nullified by fire.”

- The PHAEDRON Corollary

Orion Null is a Traveller military roleplaying campaign using the Savage Worlds system. It is set on the fringes of the Solomani Confederacy in the year 1133 TI (3537 by the Solomani Calendar), using a unique alternate-timeline setting.

Main Page

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