Crucian Hub

A series of moons and planetary rings surrounding the gas giant Crucia Venatoris in the Selkirk system (Alpha Crucis / 1221).

Allegiance: Confederacy
Population: 1.2 Billion
Government: Citizen’s Republic / Various
Naval Presence: Confed Navy Advisory Branch only
System Defence: Crucian Republic Navy (1 Paramilitary DefRon), Several private interests

The Selkirk System is one of the more populated star systems of the region, but is unusual in that its goldilocks zone is occupied by a gas giant where most of the moons have been terraformed to an extent. This has resulted in most of the system’s population being concentrated on these moons and nearby space stations.



The hub consists of 7 major natural satellites, 32 minor natural satellites and one array of planetary rings. Of the 7 major satellites, 5 are terraformed to sustain human life, 1 is borderline and only 1 remains barren.

In order of orbit distance distance from inner to outer, the major moons are:

  • Artemis – A fertile but low-gravity world ruled by the Church of Invisible Light.
  • Lantana – A terraformed world with an unusually hostile biome, used as a training grounds.
  • Evkel – A barren world, rich in metals, ruled by the XVN corporate alliance.
  • Maroubra – A cold, tainted water world whose population mostly live in aerial cities.
  • Avalanche – An icy world, partly terraformed, but located in the treacherous planetary belt.
  • Dromis – A tropical water water world with a Crucian dictatorship and lots of tourism.
  • Cissetta – A rugged world of savanna and desert, populated by hardy tribal Crucians.

In addition, there are two orbiting stations with large enough populations and economy to be worthy of note:

  • Crux Australis – The remains of an ancient colony ship, built on for nearly a millennium.
  • The Spindle – A huge orbital with a reputation for low life and criminal activity.

The planetary rings of Crucia Venatoris are also home to a considerable population. These are mostly ice-mining communities and small salvage and shipyard operations.

Most of the hub’s other natural satellites are also populated, at least with relay stations, mining bases and the like.


Most of the Hub’s population is Crucian, culturally and racially, having descended from the original colonists of the Crux Australis. There are other cultures represented here as well, including the system’s pre-crucian inhabitants, the Gemnak people who populate The Spindle. A large cross-section of migrants from other parts of the Confederacy have arrived over the centuries, giving the system a more cosmopolitan feel than many systems off the trade routes.

Travel Advisory

HIGH DANGER. Like most of the worlds in the contested Spinward systems of Orions Rest, InterStel recommends avoiding the Selkirk system altogether.

(CLASSIFIED) Military Intel


Due to recent losses in a strike raid by the Imperial 783rd Squadron, the Confed Navy no longer has significant material assets at Selkirk. Currently the Hub is defended only by civilian and paramilitary vessels, most of which fall under the auspice of the Crucian Republic Navy. These forces, which amount to little more than a local milita, are currently standing down while the local governments negotiate with Imperial forces.

The CRN currently fields a defensive squadron of some 25 SDBs, 3 destroyers and one 10,000 dT Mergaunt-class cruiser.

The worlds of the hub also have low-to-moderate strength planetary defenses largely consisting of mag-rail mounted laser batteries and static missile silos.

Most recent intelligence suggests that the system is clear of Imperial military assets.

(ChanceCorp Addendum: More reports are filtering through that there are indeed Imperial assets in system. Specifically, an expeditionary force under the command of House Kanekeshaal has been scouting the system under the direction of Idries Kanekeshaal (AKA Reeve Steppenwolf). The local militia wants to engage them, but have been ordered by CNAB to leave them alone.)


Since the push for Terra, only 2 defensive battalions have been stationed at the Hub: one at Dromis and one at Cissetta. They have been awaiting reinforcements now for over a decade, but a shortage of personnel has served to limit them to only retaining their numbers rather than expanding.

Crucian Hub

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