Combat-Ready Dress Uniforms

In all history, nothing else has even been invented that is going to assure that you get laid on shore leave like wearing your dress uniform.

It is a little-known fact that the dress uniform wasn’t just designed to ensure naval officers get laid. It’s secondary purpose is to make the right impression for formal events and diplomatic missions.

With the Admirals wife making eyes at you over her 5th glass of champagne we know formal events can be dangerous affairs but that is nothing compared to how some diplomatic missions go.

You can dress well, learn their customs, say and do all the right things but at the end of the day, some planets just get the wrong idea when you turn up for a friendly negotiation with a 5,000 DT Vindicator Class Destroyer backing you up in orbit. Foolishly, some of these planets feel that it may be a good idea to take the diplomat hostage or try and scare off the destroyer by killing the envoy outright. Whatever the reason for violent diplomatic incidents, it’s clear that these misunderstanding mostly occur because they haven’t met us before.

Nonetheless we know, as you do, that incidents do happen. Solomani Arms understands the needs of the modern officer and we’ve got your back any time you step off ship to make nice-nice with the locals.

Our patented bullet proof nanoweave is enhanced with heat absorbent ceramic flakes to provide excellent protection from both kinetic and energy based weapons while still ensuring the material is lightweight and breathes easily.

All models look exactly the same as the standard issue dress uniform and have been approved for use by the Solomani Navy.

CRDUTL 15 Armour: 4 points

(Rather expensive) Options:

  • Low Jack – Places a small transmitter/receiver in each item of clothing. Very useful for finding out who stole your hat or where your pants are. Low jack is passive and does not broadcast until it receives it’s encrypted activation signal.
  • Nano-saw – This tiny piece of wire fed through your belt can be used to saw though iron bars. Only 2mm thick carbon it is practically indistinguishable from the belt itself. Our standard high quality Italian leather is still used for all our belts! NOTE: Replacing the wire into the belt after removal is practically impossible – Solomani arms highly suggest that you don’t remove the wire until you need it.
  • Hidden Shoe Compartment – A small hermetically sealed container in the heal of your dress shoes. Good for storing sensitive data chips or one of Solomani Arms patented all carbon micro-tool kits.
  • Energy buttons – Each button is a small coil of superconducting material that has been charged to capacity. Can be used as an emergency power source or simply pluck off two or more buttons push one into the back of the other and stand back. The buttons will discharge into the front button and it will overload with the force of a small explosive. Default delay is 15 seconds and two buttons have a explosive force equal to approximately 2 grams of C-4. Each button added effectively increases the explosive force by 1 gram of C-4. Pushing another button into the back of a chain of buttons resets the timer. Solomani Arms is not responsible for any injuries while using this product. Buttons are machine washable.

Combat-Ready Dress Uniforms

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