Commander Alice Wheeler

Executive Officer on board the SCN Vendetta

  • Age: 54
  • Height: 162 cm
  • Weight: 64.5 kg
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Homeworld: Terra/Solomani Rim 1827

Early Background: Born and raised in Sheffield, England, Terra/Sol. Born to a privileged family and raised in prosperity.

Education/Training: Graduated Cambridge with a masters in Law, and entered the naval academy the following year.

  • Served with Confed Navy eight years before leaving to start a family.
  • Six years later returned to work with the government, becoming a member of the Solomani Party and pursuing a career in politics.
  • -
  • Returned to Confederate Navy ten years ago
  • Distinguished herself in the Battle of Terra (3533 SA) serving as the Executive Officer aboard the SCN Galway Bay. During the battle, the ship’s captain was incapacitated and Wheeler assumed command of the vessel. She commanded the ship to victory, providing invaluable support and assistance to the flagship.
  • Assigned as Captain of the Close Escort Vessel SCN Gibraltar
  • Reassigned to the SCN Vendetta on the recommendation of SolSec
SolSec Assessment:
  • Is separated, but not divorced. Her husband, Gregory Wheeler, is an open monitor for SolSec
  • Has two children, ages 22 and 19, both pursuing their own careers
  • Highly educated and skilled in diplomacy, negotiation and intimidation
  • Loyalty to the Solomani Cause is firm, though her attitudes towards Vilani are questionable

Commander Alice Wheeler

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