Petty Officer Bernard Tennyson

1st Engineer on board the SCN Vendetta

  • Full Name: Bernard Edgar Tennyson
  • Age: 42
  • Height: 171cm
  • Weight: 96.1 kg
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Homeworld: Caprice/Solomani Rim 3035

Early Background: Born to a middle-class family with aspirations of greatness, Bernard was encouraged by his father to follow in his footsteps as an inventor. Martin Tennyson, father of the family, was famed as the inventor of the Pneumatic Impact Plate, which is now installed as a standard safety device in many vehicles.

Education/Training: A combination of hard work and natural talent landed Bernard a scholarship at the prestigious Prometheus Institute. There he excelled, collecting degrees in both science and engineering. Apart from his alarming tendency towards playing dangerous pranks, he seemed set for a comfortable academic career with the Institute. Then at the beginning of the Jumpspace War, he unexpectedly left his career behind and enlisted in the Confederate Navy.

  • Started his naval career as draftsman at the naval shipyards at Vantage/Solomani Rim 1538.
  • Quickly ascended to the rank of Deputy Supervisor of the Weapons Division over the course of 12 years
  • Embroiled in a tender-process bribery scandal. Although acquitted of charges, his position became tenuous and he resigned in 3532, just after the capture of Terra.
  • The following year, Tennyson re-enlisted in the Confederate Navy as a spacehand and quickly proved himself, rising back through the ranks swiftly once again to become a Petty Officer 3rd Class.
  • Reassigned to the SCN Vendetta as 1st Engineer
SolSec Assessment:
  • It is hard to deny Tennyson’s genius when it comes to both design and implementation of military devices and armaments.
  • Tennyson’s unconventional and inventive approach to engineering has made him unpopular with command staff on many occasions.
  • Extravagant and demonstrative at times, his adherence to Naval protocol is sometimes questionable
  • His candid homosexuality is a potential problem both discipline-wise and culturally, making him unsuited to some work environments

Petty Officer Bernard Tennyson

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