Chief Petty Officer Frank Rutland

Chief Engineer aboard the SCN Vendetta

  • Age: 44
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Weight: 102.9 kg
  • Hair: Blond/Greying
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Homeworld: Sirius Theta Prospector Colony, Sirius/Solomani Rim 1629

Early Background: Raised in the lawless Gamma quadrant of Sirius Theta. His family lived at the mercy of local crime barons.

Education/Training: Spent much of his youth working in junkyards and on board salvage vessels. Finally received formal training as an engineer after joining the local System Defence Corps.

  • Spent 6 years with Sirius SDC, and became chief engineer aboard the SDV Sledgehammer defence boat.
  • Transferred to Confed Navy at the beginning of the Reclamation War (3530 SA).
  • Spent several months as an Emergency Procedures instructor on Terra, before being removed for inappropriate conduct.
  • Awarded the Terran Cross of Valor and several other distinctions for exceptional bravery, mostly during extreme damage-control incidents.
SolSec Assessment:
  • Has been tried as a civilian criminal twice and court-martialed three times.
  • During time in Sirius SDC, accused of arms trading to Terran rebels and trafficking military-grade plutonium.
  • During Naval career, court-martialed twice for assaulting fellow navy personnel, and once for the murder of a suspected Imperial spy.
  • Rutland’s volatile personalty seems to be tempered best when he has control over his environment. He does not function well under the command of anyone but the XO or Captain.

Chief Petty Officer Frank Rutland

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