Lieutenant Commander Mike Ransom

Tactical Coordinator aboard the SCN Vendetta

  • Full Name: Michael Ransom
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Weight: 75.3 kg
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue-Grey
  • Homeworld: Ochre Prime, Ochre/Solomani Rim 2731

Early Background: The barren mining and industrial world of Ochre is run by a council of powerful citizen families who run just about everything. The Ransom family is not one of those families. Michael was home-educated until age 12, but was always a very social youth. At age 15, he was arrested and imprisoned for running a pirate radio station from his parents’ mobile home. A local solsec monitor paid his bail, helped him beat the charges, and three years later recommended him for enlistment in federal service.

Education/Training: Starting as an enlisted spacehand in the Merchant Corps, Michael served most of his first term hauling ore from an extremely hazardous inferno-world mining station. Proving himself in the field, he used his downtime to study for the officer’s exam which he passed with ease. After his officer training, Michael focused his knowledge on weapons systems and fire control.

  • Spent much of the Terran campaign aboard the SCN Eisenhower operating one of its 120 laser turrets
  • Transferred to the frigate SCN Springfield after successful evac from the destroyed Eisenhower
  • Rose steadily in the ranks, despite one demotion for misappropriation of system-wide comms
SolSec Assessment:
  • His loud-mouthed and cynical attitude have tended to have a divisive effect on crews
  • A natural multi-tasker, he has been recommended for this position after extended psych profiling
  • Superior officers be advised: His tenure as Tac Cor is to be considered a trial basis only, and he is to be supervised closely. The rank of Lt Com is the minimum required to hold the position of Tac Cor, but if this position is withdrawn, his previous rank of Lt JG is to be restored.

Lieutenant Commander Mike Ransom

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