Lt Com Neil Peralta

Senior Navigator aboard the SCN Vendetta

  • Age: 34
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: 85.5 kg
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Homeworld: Aosta/Solomani Rim 2902

Early Background: Grew up aboard a travelling survey and prospecting vessel, the Imperial-registered ISS Garislowe. His family were members and controlling shareholders in a small Aostan corporation called Strychway Exploration. From an early age, he assisted with shipboard operations and administration.

Education/Training: At age 18, Neil began his formal training at the SuSAG-run technical academy in his home system. He never completed this education, having been expelled for associating with pro-solomani sympathizers. The academy frowned at any actions which might threaten its neutrality.

  • Returned to work for the family business for one year until his father was indicted for fraud and the company fired his family.
  • Fled for the border at Alpha Crucis and signed on with Confed Navy, serving three years as an enlistee before being admitted to the Officer Training Programme.
  • Completed his training in intrastellar navigation and returned to serve as an officer
  • Assigned to a stealth reconnaissance vessel due to his aptitude for finding intra-system “hiding spots” and has served several tours throughout the Solomani Rim
SolSec Assessment:
  • Smooth-talking, business-minded and deceptive, Peralta is one to keep an eye on for illicit activities
  • His loyalty to the Solomani Cause is well-established but his Aostan upbringing may have affected his interpretation of Solomani values
  • Peralta’s knowledge of sensor evasion and in-system ambush points puts many pirate navigators to shame

Lt Com Neil Peralta

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