Major Ryoko Isuma

Intel/Liason Officer on board the SCN Vendetta

  • Full Name: Isuma Nagasakinosuke Aya Ryoko.
  • Age: 32
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Weight: 58.2 kg
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Homeworld: Oskkan/Dark Nebula 2834

Early Background: Born and raised on a silk farm on the Confed side of the Solomani/Aslan border world of Oskkan. Local culture is predominately Japanese with a extreme focus on traditional values and lifestyle – especially in rural communities where this traditional lifestyle presents as a martial community. Ryoko lived with her family in the small rural community of Asago.

Education: At age 17 Ryoko attended the New Kobe University at the planets capital and earned a BA in Arts (History and Politics majors).

  • 7 months alone traveling the Staai subsector hunting down a local Aslan pirate to retrieve an object of personal value.
  • Joined the Solomani army and passed officer training despite 2 court marshals for conduct unbecoming an officer. The charges were dismissed. See #887320-AE7 for more details.
  • Unconventional attitude and demonstrated hand to hand combat expertise got the attention of Major Holloway and she was invited to join the Red Legion spec ops team after successfully completing specific intelligence and diplomacy training. Promotion to Lt.
  • Served the remainder of her first term completing intelligence/diplomatic training and instructing at the academy in hand to hand and close quarters combat.
  • Joined the Red Legion and participated in the Terran Campaign, 2 Purple Hearts earned, Silver Cross earned, Terra Vindico Campaign Bar earned. Promotion to Major.
  • Near the end of the campaign husband and other family emigrated to earth and settled in Nagasaki, Japan.
  • Fell pregnant and continued to serve even after Terra was won. Eventually forced to take maternity leave at 8 months.
  • Post war security review turned up several red flags and security clearance was dropped significantly.
  • Returned from maternity leave however Red Legion had been reassigned to a mission beyond her security clearance. Sol-sec loyalty testing began.
  • Sol-sec loyalty testing increased to intensive investigation. Ryoko cleared of suspicion. Security clearance restored and increased.
  • Due to specific requirements reassigned to the 8th Fleet as Adjunct to fleet intelligence and transferred to the Navy with promotion to Lt Cmd and received intensive retraining in Naval Intelligence.
  • Assigned to the SCN Vendetta.
Sol Sec Assessment: Initial assessment showed dived loyalties between homeworld and Confed.
  • Affirmed her allegiance lies with her Diamyo – a local leader – rather than with the Government.
  • Affirmed that she had little regard for Solomani culture as a whole.
  • Affirmed that she had significant respect for the Aslan.

Further testing confirmed the results above but did not confirm disloyal intentions nor did the subject offer resistance to the testing other than frustration within normal bounds. Subject did not reveal any subversive goals. Initially judged as a deep sleeper agent. Subject requested to be interviewed by a Japanese national. Request was granted on grounds that it may yield more information as to the plans of the subject.

Interview with Japanese Sol-sec agent at first only confirmed initial results however later interviews revealed the following details:
  • Subject’s disregard of the government as a whole is substituted by an intense loyalty to the Secretariat personally. Subject expressed that should the Secretariat require her death she would die without hesitation.
  • Subject revealed that her loyalty to her local Diamyo was because she was not currently assigned to a unit and this was her default loyalty. It was discovered that should she be assigned to a crew or a unit the leader would become her new Diamyo. According to the subject loyalty to the Secretariat (the Emperor is often how he is referred to, another seemingly disloyal trait) and to her Diamyo is all that is required to serve effectively. In the subjects mind the role of the clan is not hers to decide this is the duty of the Diamyo and she will follow his or her instructions so long as it does not betray the Emperor.
  • Respect for the Aslan goes as far as considering them to be worthy enemies. She has no genuine respect for their cultural values only that they seek honour in battle and this makes them good to fight. She feels no compulsion to emulate or socialize with any alien species.
Personal traits discovered during interviews:
  • Subject is very goal orientated and very precise to the point of being obsessive.
  • Subject will defer responsibility for their actions entirely when under orders.
  • Subject has an intense sense of personal honour and honor for what she perceives to be her clan.

Conclusion: Subject was determined to be very unusual in their attitudes but was cleared of any suspicion of sedition or subversive behavior. However all new immigrants from Oskkan will be monitored closely.

Major Ryoko Isuma

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